There are many disadvantages to owning your own business, mainly stress and worry. But there are plenty of perks. If your business happens to be shop carrying great Canadian designers, for example, there is a definate advantage. This morning was one of those mornings. The radio alarm went off at seven and I slept in until 7:40 – dreaming about traffic congestion on the MacKay and sports scores. After a hot shower, I had yet to find my groove. I pulled on jeans, a plain white tshirt and loosely pulled my hair back. No groove there. After my morning coffee failed to revive me, I knew it might be a relaxed jeans kind of day but I was still lacking the “je ne sais quoi”. But my shop closet did not fail to inspire me. My old but comfy jeans met there match with a Dujoo cap sleeve tshirt screened with a pink eyelash curler.

 Dujoo Tshirt

Then I raided the jewellery to adorn my still naked and exposed earlobes. Kari Woo’s wishbone earrings look so brilliant.


I am feeling cute and perky already. I could probably use a coffee though.

Love, Me


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  1. Rose Zack


    I heard about your new store through fellow Haligonian proprietor of the Loop. Love everything from the clothing, art to the jewelry and even the business cards. It’s great to see a cross Canada representation of terrific artists and artisans. I was even happier to see fellow Calgarian and talented jeweller Kari Woo! All the best with your new venture – I look forward to shopping soon!

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