November 6, 2007 – I have very warm childhood memories of the days after Christmas, sitting alongside my mom and writing my thank you notes. Even though she had done the work of keeping track of what I received from whom, I felt very grown up writing my thank you notes. “Dear Grandma, Thank you very much for the nightdress. It is really soft.”

I got to thinking about letter writing and thank you notes the other day. I was preparing my materials to write thank you notes on behalf of my daughter, whom had just celebrated her 2nd birthday. As I wrote thank you notes for sweet outfits and fun toys, I appreciated that my mother had bestowed upon me the importance of thanking someone appropriately. As we all have heard, these days we have barely enough time to eat, sleep or get outside. Which I think makes not just the thank you note, but all letter and note writing so much more special. It really IS the thought that counts; Someone took the time to let us know we are valued.

That all being said – cute writing materials definately make the letter/note writing experience more pleasurable. And Love, Me has a vast array of great stationary goods. We have letter writing sets from Mei and Company, one of a kind cards from local stationary gal LouLouBell, and funny button cards and pencil boxes from the ladies at The Regional Assembly of Text. With the holiday season around the corner, best line up all the necessary provisions for thoughtful letter writing.


Mei and Company don’t allow for any correspondance excuses by way of their adorable “Just Because” card sets. These bright and fun sets come in packages of 10 cards and 10 envelopes and are perfect to slipping into a neighbour’s mailbox after they shovelled your driveway or sent over some cookies. Stop in and pick up a pack. Make your mama proud.


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