November 10, 2007 – Rumour around here is that there is another storm approaching – this one with snow and/or rain. This time last week, I was thinking all about preparedness.

Candles – check

Canned Food – check

Water – check

Batten down the hatches – check

Or not. At home we had made sure the garbage cans and compost bin were all tucked away ensuring their contents did not end up strewn across the yard. At around 4 a.m., when the winds were at their peak, I awoke to the sound of slamming on the house. After a few moments of going through the possiblities of items which could be making the offending sound, I sat up in bed. The window! Early in the summer, we had hung a huge, gorgeous window under our balcony looking out to the backyard. It was slamming against the house milimeters from one of our basement windows. So A. and I stood on top of the potting bench and pulled it down while gale force winds pushed us and various potting accessories around.

In the morning, there was a lovely calm and soon enought the grey gave way to fall sun.

But many in Atlantic Canada did not escape unscathed. Some were without power for a few days and had property damage.

So in the spirit of preparedness, I’d like to introduce you to Simplicity VegeSoy Candles. Love, Me has brought in a great selection of sizes and types of these candles, most of which are unscented. I am always nervous about ordering scented things when I have yet to smell test them. But I have to say, I am so blown away but the subtle, natural, delicious scents offered by Simplicity: orange blossom, cucumber lime, lemongrass, vanilla.

So why vegesoy? Parafin wax is a byproduct of fuel refining. The smoke of a parafin candle contains up to 11 carcinogenic compounds. Eeewwwhh!


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