november 30, 2007 – Whoa! Where did November go? The past few weeks have been a bit nutty here at the shop. There was the Shopping Under the Stars night and getting the shop all “Christmasized”. There was a computer crash which brought me back to my first retail days of receipt books and calculators. (This also explains why there haven’t been any blog entries in the past few weeks.) There was a love, me holiday party. There were a few interviews for a few publications. There was also a taping for Living Halifax (CBC). The host Heidi and I got down to task making love notes – a fund raising initiative here at love, me. At the shop, love notes are presented alongside suggestions of how and where they can be used but my favorite ideas are those which incorporate notions of Guerilla Art. I am a huge supporter of guerilla art. It was guerilla art which drew me to Halifax initially – who was that amazing artist that used to stencil/screen personalities on lamp posts and curbs? Anyway, A. brought to my attention a great You Tube video of some amazing guerilla art in action. I hope watching this puts a smile on your face as it did mine. Enjoy. Props go to Vincent Fichard and Matthew Jones who wrote and directed this (Dubai October ’07).


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