December 11, 2007 – There is a period in my “teenhood” in which I remember my mother going on baking frenzies in preparation for the Christmas holidays. She would spend her weekends in November making and freezing the goodies for the holidays. My favorites were the old fashion sugar cookies iced in pretty colours and the peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses. I would add to the mix a variety of handmade chocolates and dark almond bark. Cookie collections became teacher and neighbour gifts and when people would drop by during the holidays, my mom would head to the freezer and plate up this amazing assortment of goodies. I admire that my mom was raising three kids and working long hours and still made a spread of holiday cookies.


I love this photo from the Shim&Sons blog – so appetizing

In efforts to offer the same assortment, I participated in a cookie exchange with some girlfriends. We met over the weekend and exchanged 7 dozen cookies: shortbreads, iced sugar cookies, peanut butter squares, turtles, gingerbread men, peanut butter kiss cookies.

If you are eager to do some baking yourself check out some of these websites for great cookie recipes:,, or (but they have really annoying ads).

And then there is always Martha – where you can be inspired for plating and packaging ideas.


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