January 11, 2008

Dear Don, Elizabeth and CBC Producers of Information Morning,

Thank you very much for doing a news story on business on Spring Garden Road. I am a new retailer in general and a new retailer just off Spring Garden Road specifically. While I think that there are definitely some policy reforms and fresh strategic approaches that need the attention of the business association and city officials, there is also a need to inform consumers.

It is so important for consumers to understand that where they eat, shop, and play has a direct impact on how their city, and thusly their province, evolves. Even if consumers do not work or live downtown, it is important to understand that a city without a vibrant downtown is not attractive to tourists, is a deterrent to young professionals, a hotbed for crime, so on and so forth. These few examples do not just affect our downtown core but spill out changing the economy and landscape of the province.

What I found really frustrating is that most of the lists of Top 10 Reasons Dave Letterman Should Come to Nova Scotia (aired around the same time as the Spring Garden story) is – Tim Horton’s! Since 1995, Tim Horton’s has been owned and operated by Wendy’s, which is an American company.  Surrounding the Spring Garden Tim Horton’s are wonderful local coffee houses and cafes including Annie’s Place, The Daily Grind, Stevereno’s, Sam’s Macchiato…  

I am not suggesting that people do a 180 degree overhaul on their life. I am just asking that people consider how their spending choices contribute to their communities.

-Chara Kingston


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  1. Bravo!
    I too believe that we should support our local businesses first. I hope you sent this letter off to Information Morning:) Best of luck in 2008.

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