February 1, 2007 – Ok – we all know that Valentine’s Day is a day that was invented by retailers to inject a bit of cashflow into the winter sales stream. And even though I am a retailer, I am the first person to admit that Valentine’s Day has gotten a bit out of hand. But I am a sucker for a day when we are encouraged to do sweet, shmoopy things like make heart-shaped pancakes and leave love notes in lunch bags. I know. I know. We should be doing these little acts of sweetness all year long, not just when the calendar says so. But the reality is, even the most loving partner or parent or child doesn’t have the time and energy to do sweet gestures as much as they would like. But Valentine’s Day is like a little reminder to stop and do a sweet little some’um some’um for your loved ones.

P.S. I also believe that Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to “yah you” yourself. It is a great “excuse” (you really don’t need an excuse) to treat yourself.

Anyhow on our Inspiration Friday page, I have some images and links to perhaps inspire the handmade Valentine’s Treats. If you are strapped for time and need a good quick fix, why not give these suggestions a gander…. All of these products are available at Love, Me Boutique

  • Rock your rocker’s heart with hand-printed electric guitar china by Kyla Francis
  • Treat your sweetie to delightful handmade Candy Factory men’s or ladies briefs
  • Say it with a sweet, sassy or saucy handmade card from ScotiaMade Cards
  • Wax poetic about your loved one with a hand-bound journal from La Paperie & Cozy
  • Light your lover’s fire with handmade soy candles
  • Make some sweets for your sweetie and then box them in fun handmade printed reuseable wooden boxes from the Regional Assembly of Text
  • Adorn your extraordinary gal with some lovely handmade jewellery from some very cool Canadian designers

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