red, white & blue

February 6, 2008 – I don’t have cable. I get one newspaper a week (Saturday’s G&M). I rarely make it to watch Lloyd at 11pm. And I am trying to keep “surfing” to a minimum at work (b/c when it is cold and snowy out, all I want to do is sit at the computer with tea in hand and read blogs and headlines). Suffice it to say, I am having a hard time keeping up to date on what is transpiring in American politics. In a treasured 1/2 hour of surfing today, I came across an American art & craft blog which posted her favorite Etsy politically themed craft. And though the focus of this shop is Canadian, I had to post some of these works.


I heart huckabee from honey bees
Barack your world card from Alcove Press
Dumb and dumber pins from Buttonhead
Hilary Necklace from Matsuda Bunch
Barack & Hillary pop art set from NeilJam
Anarchy is for Lovers tee from Can’t Afford Em Buttons


Hillary Clinton finger puppet from abbeychristine. For those not politically inclined this shop also has fingerpuppets of The Breakfast Club.


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  1. Totally cool! I live here and I don’t have time to keep up with the news. Didn’t realize it was inspiring such creativity! I’m more interested in what real people on the web are doing than I am in the news on TV.

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