February 22, 2008 – Oh boy! This weekend is the Oscars. Call me a dork but I get pretty excited about Oscar night. When I was a tween, my mom allowed me to stay up later than my normal 8 pm bedtime to watch a bit of the Oscars. We would curl up in our jammies and drink tea and watch the red carpet walk. During this period in my life, I fancied myself a thespian (or a writer or a dolphin trainer?) and thought that someday I too would rock the red carpet is some over-the-top gown. These days I like to partake in that same ritual of tea and jammies. I try to see at least a few of the nominated films but this year, time allowed only one – Juno. And I, like many others, hope it goes home with a couple of the golden boys. Go Ellen!

Speaking fashion (Oscars and fashion are like honey and toast)… in the shop we have some super fab (sorry getting my red carpet talk on) photography by Shelagh Duffett. She is a local folk artist and photographer. We have a number of her fashion window and shoe photographs among others. Come in and see them for yourself. I am loving this photo and let’s be honest, I am coveting those red clogs.



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