February 28, 2008 – For a small, new business, there is nothing more important than cheerleaders. In the quiet days of winter it is so easy to slip into worry mode especially when you have so much on the line. But this morning, my biggest cheerleader, my husband, reminded me to look back at how far I have come. Love, Me cheerleaders take all forms – family, friends, returning customers, media, mentors. I just want to take this opportunity to thank all those people who are behind this little business that could. This cup doth runneth over…

Speaking of support, thank you to Sean Flinn, writer of “A Proudly Canadian Love Nest” (Globe and Mail, Saturday, March 1, 2008) and Catherine Joudrey who wrote an article for the Ecology Action Centre Publication “Between the Issues”. The G&M can be purchased at any newstand or viewed on-line and “Between the Issues” is available now at Mountain Equipment Coop, the EAC’s official partner.

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  1. congratulations on the g&m article! i was wondering when they would find you!

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