March 15, 2008 – I am late with regards to this issue. I only really started hearing about it in the past two weeks and only now have time to write on it now. Bill C-10 – ugh. Some amendments were added to an already the already existing bill which covers issues of the criminal code. One such addition would allow Heritage Canada to pull funding from Canadian film and television projects which they deem morally reprehensible including denying tax credits to projects which are felt to be not in the public’s best interest.

At the 2008 Genie awards, Sarah Polley also “spoke out against the legislation: ‘I think it flies in the face of what we should be looking towards as a civilized nation in terms of supporting our artists, supporting unique visions. Making films that challenge, that provoke, that create discussion. Sex and violence are part of the world we live in so they will be represented by artists. It’s terrifying and I’m just hoping that the outcry will be loud and persistent enough that it will go away forever.’”

(Source: http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/theampersand/archive/2008/03/03/sarah-polley-the-big-winner-at-the-genie-awards.aspx)

Rick Mercer’s blog makes light of the situation.

Get proactive – A Facebook page has also been created “Keep Your Censoring Hands Off Of Canadian Film and TV! No to Bill C-10!” to provide information and make it easier for Canadians to contact elected representatives. 


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