May 9, 2008 – I graduated from highschool in ’93. I went back to highschool last night. Not my highschool mind you, but a highschool. But they are all the same. They have the same flooring. They have the same wall colour. They have the same smell. Even the students seemed familiar – the cool & funny guy, the sports star guy, the wannabe princess girl, the student social council girl, the arty girl. I went to Dartmouth High School last night to see a fashion show in which Love, Me was one of the stores featured.




1. Group show of Love, Me models

2. Lily & Jae Granny Blouse with a Lilikoi bamboo pant

3. Shallan and Sara hooded jersey dress with a simply C Lillian bag

4. Orphanage Clothing Bandeau Dress with a Lu print reuseable grocery/tote bag

5. Lily & Jae Sunday Dress

Surprise: Who read The Stone Angel in highschool? Well, the first person to leave a comment on my blog (in any section really) will win a free pass for 2 persons to go see the film Premiere of The Stone Angel. You must be able to pick up the ticket at the shop and get yourself to Bear’s Lake on Wednesday, May 21st.

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  1. Those bamboo pants are fantastic!

    I didn’t actually read any Margaret Laurence in high school, but my older cousins did and when visited them during the summer after grade nine, I read their school copies of The Stone Angel, To Kill A Mockingbird, and A Seperate Peace. The Stone Angel stuck with me though and I became a huge Margaret Laurence fan. I went on to read the rest of her Manawaka books while I was in high school (none of them were actually for school).

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