i heart canada

June 28, 2007 – Oh boy – Canada Day is around the corner. Other than the fact that Canada Day also happens to be my wedding anniversary, I am sentimental about Canada Day. I am a technically a dual citizen (gasp!). I was born and raised in the O.C. (California). But thankfully the silver lining of my parent’s split, was the fact that I moved to Canada and became a Canadian citizen. Having crossed the borders back and forth for much of my life, I definately have a unique perspective. I really can feel a shift in culture and attitude entering Canada that is really hard to explain but is shared by others who have had similar repeated border jumping experiences. I thought I would do a love letter list of why I LOVE Canada. Feel free to add your loves in the comment section!

P.S. Have a great Canada Day. Note that along with other businesses, Love, Me will be shut tight.

I love…

  • the Health Care system (ours has issues but it is miles better than the U.S.)
  • the education system (ditto above)
  • Leonard Cohen
  • Joni Mitchell  (ok there is some much Canadian music)
  • Ann-Marie MacDonald, Allistar MacLeod, and so many MANY great Canadian Authors
  • maple syrup
  • back bacon (Canadian bacon)
  • fall apples (Why do we have apples from China in the supermarket? I digress)
  • Lloyd Robertson (“And that’s the kind of day its been”)
  • Our national news – it is, for the most part, real news
  • Sarah Polley and Ellen Page
  • Tegan and Sara (right – some much Canadian music)
  • Stuart MacLean
  • CBC (it has it’s issue but come one, so great)
  • Our recycling programs
  • David Suzuki (how cute is the new ConserveNS commercial with him in it?)
  • The landscape (side note nod to the Group of Seven and Emily Carr who captured the “essence”)
  • La La La Human Steps (my favorite Canadian dance troupe)
  • Great comedy – Shawn Mujumder, 22 minutes (heart “On your side” with Nathan Fielder)

And the list could continue here but I would be here all day.




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2 responses to “i heart canada

  1. Shelagh Rogers
    Rick Mercer
    Theme song from Hockey Night in Canada, da, da, da,da, da,da……

  2. this has me feeling seriously patriotic!

    a few more for your list:
    the tragically hip
    the cultural diversity of its population
    Toronto, my hometown
    its renowned winter, that i still love and miss
    fall colors in Ontario

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