biased voting

July 8, 2008 – I will admit right off the bat that this request is biased for three reasons. Reason #1 – I am a huge fan of this super cool, super smart writer – Sue Carter Flinn; Reason #2 – I am also a huge fan of artisan Kyla Francis and her rockin’ roll asthetic; Reason #3 – The entry mentions Love, Me

What am I talking about? Fashion Magazine is doing a reporter search and having various freelance writers write mini blurbs about interesting fashion items and then are narrowing down the search. They are polling the public by allowing them to vote on which finalist they prefer.

Before I send you off to vote for Sue (vote daily!), I want to tell you what I love about Sue:

  • She is an arts & culture advocate
  • She is an independant business & culture advocate
  • She is super sweet
  • She has a very cool personal style
  • And she is a great writer

What more could you want?

Vote daily. Tell your friends. Vote for Sue at:

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