rain & the sea

July 22, 2008 – It is so amazing how much rain has fallen from the sky as of late! I don’t mind because it gives our gardens a much needed drink but it does make for quiet times at the shop. But what I have to introduce to you will inspire you to put on your wellies, grab a bralie and head to Love, Me for some sweet smiles. I wrote recently about crushes – specifically a designer crush. The work I received this morning is sort of a love at first site experience. I found Keri Rounding surfing around on the internet one day. I wrote her and asked her to join the other talented artists in this shop. Her box arrived this morning and when I opened it, my heart lightened. Seriously, I could feel the slumpy grey rainy blahs slide out to make room for unicorn, rainbow, and icecream cone 6 year old happies. Keri makes woolen felted “sea flora-like” accessories.



I have a rule for myself to not purchase anything for 2 weeks minimum so that my customers can have a fair shot at the cutest of the cute. I am not sure I can contain myself here people…I’m just saying…


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