August 19, 2008 – I was walking past a department store the other day and noted their windows full of wool socks and scarves and turtlenecks. Gasp! Sure September is around the corner but I have only had my first local corn last night! And the oceans are just starting to warm up. And my tomato plants haven’t borne any fruit. And..And…And… I love fall. I do. I guess I am just not done with summer. I never am. And that brings me to transitioning. While I refuse to put out woolens just yet, I can understand a gals rejection of linen and white denim come Labour Day Weekend. And to this end, I have the perfect transition pant for you from Frances Felt. The wrap pant is a great late summer pant that can be worn on those warm days with flats, flipflops, or bare feet. Then, as the chill hits, you can throw on a pair of high boots.


These awesome pants are made in sturdy cotton and have sweet details missing on generic pants like fabric pocket insertion and embroidery or applique on the leg.

Extra bonus: They make your bootie look fabulous! Come in and try them on for yourself.


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