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August 29, 2008 – Love, Me isn’t really a shop for the trendy. It is a shop for the brave, unique, quirky, and fun. It is a shop where eclectic rules! Love, Me fashion advice might be something along the lines of – have fun! But that doesn’t mean we don’t love to indulge in the odd “trend” here or there. Heck no! And the Fall Fashion brigade is shooting fall trends out of the cannon. Take it is stride Love, Me lovers. Don’t get overwhelmed. HAVE FUN!

One trend that I a love/hate relationship with is the “Bohemian” look (in both fashion and decor). The Olsen girls ruined the fashion flavour of Bohemian for me. What I love about Bohemian is the romantic, effortless, vintage quality of the look. What I hate is the contrived way it can look when one goes all out BoHo. (I use this term on purpose b/c the term itself is the tiptop of what annoys me about the trend.)

For me, the Bohemian fashion look is best achieved with some vintage. Enter BuenoStyle.

BuenoStyle is Christi York, who fashions re-worked jewellery from vintage pieces. York uses vintage “dead stock” beads and brass stampings from the 1920’s to the 80’s along with authentic vintage finds such as skeleton keys and other thrifted items to make sweetly nolstalgic looking pieces. Her work will be a killer addition to any fall look – a delicious locket with a flowy dress, tights and boots or a skeleton key necklace with a velvet blazer and denim or dangly moonstone earrings with a turtleneck.


So…go throw on your jeans, your ballet flats, your slouchy tunic tee and head down to Love, Me to accessorize with BuenoStyle.

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