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October 17, 2008 – I heart Glen Hansard. He is the lead singer of the super great Irish band The Frames. He & Marketa Irglova won an Academy Award this past year for their song “Falling Slowly” (from the film Once. If you haven’t seen this movie – go get it NOW!). In the acceptance speech, Glen declared, “Make Art”. Those words and the principle behind the making of once is really a big part of what this shop is all about. Yes, we are purveyors of gorgeous and amazing handmade goods but it is a hope that this shop is also a source of inspiration to create, to make art. In honour of Love, Me’s first birthday (October 13th – yah!), Love, Me is launching a Make Art campaign. For this occassion, local graphic guy Stephen Bishop designed some super cool Make Art Tshirts for us. 

The Love, Me’s Limited Edition “Make Art” Tees are $36 + tax. Stay tuned for some pics.

(More on Glen and Once: Watch this. I also love this interview.)  


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