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October 30, 2008 – One comment I hear often at the shop is “it must be hard to find handmade and small-run stuff for your shop”. The truth is that it isn’t hard to find cool stuff for the shop but hard to narrow down what to bring in. There are alot of cool, fun, and lovely products being made by makers all over Canada. The “it must be hard” comment is often directed to the closet section of the shop. People are surprised by the number and variety of lines carried at Love, Me. And when I am able to point out local and Nova Scotia made clothing, guests are even more impressed. This week there is a new happening in town called Atlantic Fashion Week. Some of our favorite Atlantic (and Love, Me) designers like Deux FM, Orphanage Clothing, Tuttle & Leonardo (all NS designers) and a super brand new one-of-a-kind handmade line by Sunsets on the Eastside out of PEI (seen in the pic below). This event is a great chance to see Atlantic Design talent on the runways.

Check out this article in Metro Daily today:

Eco-friendly fashion on the rise in Halifax

October 30, 2008 05:00


So does Halifax have a style? Angela Sotiropoulos, director of Atlantic Fashion Week, says the city is a big melting pot, but one trend is definitely on the rise.

“I have noticed there is an eco-push in the community,” she said, pointing to two of Fashion Week’s designers, who are all about environmentally friendly fashion.

Kim Munson of Halifax-based Orphanage Clothing recycles clothing by creating new, one-of-a-kind fashions out of old clothes. Her work is sold at Love, Me Boutique and Lost and Found in Halifax.

Mahone Bay-based Anna Gilkerson has been making a name for herself across the country with her eco-chic clothing line deux fm.

The 27-year-old uses environmentally friendly fabrics like bamboo, soy and Lyocell, and recycled fabrics to create her drapey, elegant garments, which she says can be worn season-to-season.

She only uses fair-labour practices and all her goods are sourced and manufactured in Canada. The swimwear in her spring 2009 collection was made in Nova Scotia.

Gilkerson’s line is also sold at Love, Me Boutique and Biscuit in Halifax, as well as about a dozen other shops east of Edmonton and a few spots in the Unites States.





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