November 4, 2008 – I can’t even believe I just wrote that date. Time is flying!

Today is the US Presidential Election. The Love, Me shop window is decked with a red and blue themed mannequin doning an Obama ’08 pin. While I am pretty sure Obama is not without faults, I feel like he represents a change that is so desperately needed in the world. 

One change that Love, Me takes on as one of its raison d’etres is that we, as consumers, try to see how our shopping habits affect the world. Last year there was a great “I buy handmade” campaign happening in the indie and blog world. I hope this year that those sentiments spread to involve those who are not big blog readers or handmade buyers. I am hoping that this holiday season more people will commit to buying and asking for handmade and shopping and eating local. For more information check out our navigation page at the top called “Selling Handmade”. This page has great resources.

Oh! And the November “Artist at a Glance” page is up. Check it out to learn about Marmalade Design. I like this jewellery design because it “fits” most women’s styles whether she is 10 or 70, conservative or adventurous. It was a bit hit last year around the Holidays.

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