November 6, 2008 – So the race is over and everyone is waiting to see how the results play out. I found my way to this video today and love it – kids singing and dancing to a song about politics. So very amazing. (Can you imagine a song about Stephen Harper??)



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  1. Tara

    …all this from a group of voices who can’t cast a ballot….
    For those who might want to inject themselves with more of the energy and passion radiating from these kids, I recommend getting to know Ron Clark – the man who founded the school these amazing kids attend. Ron Clark is a true educational leader. His work is incredible and his commitment to youth unwavering. Every educator – whether you are a teacher, parent, or just a fan of kids – should know Ron Clark. If you don’t, check out his academy at or pick up one of his books, like The Excellent 11. His innovative strategies and approaches to engaging youth transcend the classroom and apply to any of us committed to investing in our youth. A great film: The Ron Clark Story; features Matthew Perry as Ron.

  2. Cathy

    That looks like a fun school!! I kind of love how there’s that one token white kid in the back there.

  3. Love, Me Boutique

    Thanks Tara for this background on Ron Clark. I had no idea. -C.

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