Handmade Holidays – Part One

November 12, 2008 – This glorious (though nippy) fall-esque morning I wonder if you are sipping your hot coffee and nibbling a mid week crueller and thinking to yourself: “The holidays are many many days away.” Before I remind you how truely close the holidays are I would like to state that cruellers are delicious and should be enjoyed. Now. The point of this blog entry (and soon to be subsequent entries) is to help you navigate your way through what some call the holidaze in a cool & effortless DIY and handmade fashion. Here are a few Love, Me tips to keep in mind:

1. Make a list. I believe in lists. So does Santa. A list puts things in perspective. Write your list of everything you feel you have to do or want to do. Put that list away for a night or two. Re-examine the list when you are feeling refreshed. Ask yourself – Is my list realistic? Is it over-the-top? Feel the power of knocking things off the list. ONLY KEEP THINGS ON THE LIST THAT GIVE YOU JOY OR (only in certain cases – use your judgement) WILL BRING JOY TO OTHERS. I mean really will Grandma care if she gets another vase? Maybe Granny would rather have you take her to hear some carollers. Knock her off the “gift” list and add her to “hear live caroling” list.

2. Gain “handmade” perspective. Really, I would love to make everyone on my list a gift. The reality is I don’t have the time, energy or expertise. If you are like me and have come to recognize that you are not Martha (with ample money, ample staff, and sleep only four hours) but want that handmade quality to your gifts here are some easy peasy solutions.

  • Pick one or two projects (I personally feel this includes gifts from the pantry) to make (like Sock Monkeys for the kids) and buy the rest.
  • Add handmade elements to your gifts (like a family recipe or homemade jam to a purchased handmade bowl).
  • Buy all handmade or small-run. With craft shows and stores like Love, Me it isn’t difficult to do. And your gifts support artists and locally owned businesses!

3. Remember the FUN of handmade. If you want to make one, some, or all of your gifts try not to let the task become a hardship. Tips – set aside some time, make sure you have all the necessary tools for said time, have snacks and bevies on hand, and crafting is best done with friends. Be sure to check out the Love, Me Events Page for available workshops. Craft with others and with guidance plus someone else cleans up and provides the snacks!

Stay tuned. For the next six weeks we will posting all sorts of ideas and solutions to ensure fabulous handmade holidays.


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