Handmade Holidays – Part Two

November 18, 2008 – The first flurries are melting on Halifax streets as we speak. Winter whiteness makes me feel “nesty”. I want to be eating chili and drinking red wine or drinking tea and eating freshly baked cookies. Last week I began a series about creating a crafty DIY cool holiday season. As I mentioned before, I love the idea of making all my gifts but have not the time, energy or skill to “do it all”. My gifts instead mix purchased handmade items and my own “personalized” modifications. I think the best way to modify most gifts is with some homemade food items. Tonight is a great night to get started. Feeling out of ideas? See below.

A handmade pottery bowl would be so lovely filled with homemade granola, dried beans and your chili recipe, chocolate sauce

A handmade mug is the perfect base for some tea (Love, Me tea is schedule to arrive this week!) and some homemade loaf, cookies, fudge, or truffles. Or hotchocolate and homemade candycane marshmellows. Or a mulling sachet.

A highball glass with a rum inside, some dried mint from your garden and a recipe for mojitos.

Mmmm…homemade granola in a handmade bowl…granola


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