Handmade Holidays – Part Three

November 28, 2008 – Handmade Holidays – Part Two focused on personalizing gifts with smaller handmade kitchen goodies to complete a larger gift. Today I write about personalizing the wrapping. We don’t all have time to whip up handmade goodies but this is a one-nighter project or something that the kids can do on a chilly, damp day (what? here?) I will also use this post as a means to plug the Spring Garden/Quinpool Rd Shopping Under the Stars event this evening. Love, Me will host a Gift Tag Creation Station in the Dresden Row Market from 6-9pm tonight.

So back to personalizing your gifts with wrap and tags…

Idea #1 – Wax Resist and Watercolour

I did this one with my 3 year old who is loving watercolour right now. Draw designs and motifs on watercolour paper with a white or grey crayon. Then using watery watercolour paint the entire paper. The watercolour will resist (or bead off) the wax leaving a cool pattern on the paper. This paper for this project is not appropriate for wrapping but makes gorgeous gift tags.

Idea #2 – Stamping

Using anything in the house that might make a pattern (halved apples and pears, buttons, string) you can make some really lovely paper and gift tags. Check out these resources: Martha Stewart and books like the Lotta Jansdotter – How to Print with Anything (now at Love, Me) or Lena Corwin’s Printing by Hand.

Images: Martha Stewart

a98687_0501_buttons_xl  gt024_potprint01_xl


Idea #3 – Collage & Upcycling

Ever since my early teens our family wrapped our gifts with the previous years calendar pages. Our tree had the prettiest packages underneath it! Anyhow my point is – old calendars and magazines make awesome gift tags. Using plain paper as a base, you can glue on some gorgeous images and create stunning tags.  

Idea #4 – Easiest ever Giftwrap 

Before we had a child, we used to wrap in newspaper and tie up packages with some leftover wool or reused ribbon. Now that we have a kid we keep all her big paper drawings (from her easel) to wrap gifts in. If you don’t have on any previous artwork, you can purchase rolls of brown or unbleached papers and let the kids go to town. They love to get creative on such expansive canvases. Scribble scribble.


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