Handmade Holiday Gift Suggestion – Part One

December 11, 2008 – Love, Me just sent out its December newsletter full of super great holiday gift ideas. I thought for those of you who are not on our mailing list (and why aren’t you? To be added write lovemeboutique@eastlink.ca and put add me in the subject line), here is an excerpt. I will add one of the “categories” every day or so.

For your sister or best girl friend

          Candi Factory Panties ($25) in great colours – cute and comfy!


          Sans Soucie knee highs or printed tights/footless tights ($23-$45)

          Merit badge ($25) to celebrate all her perfections and imperfections


          Book: A Year of Mornings (I love LOVE this book personally and is a great gift for a sister who lives far away and is into design, art or photography.)

          Delicious all-natural body scrubs ($19.99) and cocoa body butter ($22.99)

il_430xn_37480958  il_75x75_374868431

          A “Heros” calendar ($25; Locally made!)



More suggestions might include Buenostyle locket and key necklaces for the romantic and antique loving gal, a sewing posie for the craft lover, a mug and tea for most girls (who doesn’t like a cuppa?)


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