January 15, 2008 – Cold winter nights + warm, cozy beds = great sleep. Right? At home, I am having trouble convincing my 3 year old of this. The past few weeks she has complained of being lonely in her room. And just as I close the door she asks “Is there a lion in my room?” (Lions – not sure why lions????) “Are there any monsters?”. So wasn’t I excited to get the crew from Team Sleep in at Love, Me?

Team Sleep is “a secret government organization dedicated to providing children with adequate protection from things that go bump in the night”. Team Sleep “recruits freelance and retired monsters and assigns them to children who need protection and comfort.” 

Monsters for hire to scare the other monsters away – Brilliant!

thuggsy_-_main_good raymond_-_main_good1 peeps_-_main_good

There are five operatives and they all have their own special and unique skills like having an insatiable appetite (for other monsters I assume), sleeping with 3 eyes open, super long arms (for super protective hugs), and the ability to hold their breath under the covers.

These delightful monsters are made here in Halifax and available for you, your child, or anyone you know afraid of things that go bump in the night. Now at Love, Me Boutique.


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