I Would. Would You?

February 10, 2009 – Well peeps… we are officially into February. And we are only 4 days from Valentine’s Day. What is your favorite valentine you ever received? One of my favorites was given to me by my mom (ahhhh). My parents weren’t over the top gift givers and so little treats were so special. I don’t remember how old I was but I remember I was a young girl in the midst of all sorts of growing pains and life stuff. And while I had been hoping for a Valentine from Simon LeBon, I felt pretty special receiving and wearing my handmade clay heart & red ribbon necklace that day.

Jewellery and Valentine’s Day is an overdone and too obvious retail connection but I am doing it because Love, Me just received a shipment of great wood jewellery from Billy Would Designs. Designer Adea Chung makes the most lovely & bold necklaces and earrings from reclaimed wood. I love how simply dramatic these pieces can look. And they are so light! Oh if Simon LeBon could see me now!

ac34941 yhst-12694635604216_2039_316072

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