February 12, 2009 –  Valentine’ s Day = K.I.S.S (keep it simple silly)

My first Valentine’s Day in Halifax, my partner wanted to “wow” me with a big night out. He had been living here for over a year and I was a new import of 6 months. Everyone told him “…(enter overly hyped “romantic” now defunct restaurant here)” is the most romantic restaurant in town and they pull out the stops for Valentine’s Day. He booked a few months in advance (I know!!!!). The evening, full of overpriced, hideous food (carrot coins – need I say more) and romantic cliches, was salvaged by our determination to laugh it off. We giggled the whole icy walk home. The moral of that story is that participating in the hype of Valentine’s Day can lead to unmet expectations and a belly full of carrot coins. (Sorry can’t let that one go. Carrot coins. Seriously?)  

That all being said, I love treats. I love hearts, and red, and cards, and sweets. I love simple little tokens. Love ’em!

Here are Love, Me’s sweet little token Valentine’s suggestions:

  • Breakfast in bed with cute egg cozies made by local upcycler and felter Freehand Embellished Apparel. Add to this gift linens by downhomeamy because they are cute, nostalgic, and polka dotted!
  • Sweet plush foxes, bears, kitties, and owls upcycled from sweaters by local gal Tasha Reed


  • Votive candle holders with vintage tatoo iconography – including lots of hearts – by local screenprint ceramics queen Kyla Francis. Add some Simplicity soy candles for a non-carcinogenic ambiance.
  • Fill up a Double Happiness blank photo book with photos, memories, and quotes.


  • A felted cupcake or felted flower is a treat that will last the whole year +
  • Rent a classic romance and pass her an embroidered hankie with a punctuation mark on it. It comes with some trivia. Functional and educational.


  • Pins! A 1 inch pin set with an anatomical heart says it all. And if it doesn’t there is a second pin which states “my heart is yours”
  • And of course, loads of cards and other goodies including cute red bagged “Love, Me” tea which is a sweet gift for friends, neighbours or anyone who could use a little extra love.

Happy Simple Valentine’s everyone! As per usual we will be open until 5 pm for all your giftie needs.


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