February 27, 2009 – Today I am grateful. I love all the gorgeousness in my shop. I love the way it looks when the sun busts through my front window and warms up my 100 year old wood plank floor. I am grateful that it feels like spring is around the corner. I am grateful that I am doing exactly what I have always wanted to do – run a shop on my own terms. I am grateful that throughout my day I get to meet such interesting and lovely people. Somedays it is a quick chat with a regular customer. Other days, like today, I get to meet new people and learn a bit about them – the new mom returning to the work after a year off, the newly widowed in town for her own illness treatments. It is these interactions that dot my day with little smiley faces.


Not that I am being ungrateful but I do wish I had one of these with my afternoon tea though… (Photo source: Flickr/hedgiecc)


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