You Don’t Have to be a Rockefeller…

March 17, 2009 – I love the premise of a new documentary called Herb and Dorothy. It is the real life story of a Manhattan couple who lived on a modest income so that they could buy art. He was a postal worker and she was a librarian. They lived on one income and bought art with the other. And now they own one of the most coveted contemporary art collections.

I love this idea of buying art because you love it. Who knows one day one or all those pieces might turn out to be a sought after collection!

Interested in starting a collection of your own with a small budget?Check out Love, Me’s continually changing exhibits and collections.

Check out more on Herb and Dorothy.


Herb and Dorothy at a Robert Barry opening. (Source:



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2 responses to “You Don’t Have to be a Rockefeller…

  1. L-A

    What a great story. I really like that they did it for the love of art. They could have sold pieces for a lot of money, but decided to donate it as a collection and make room for more art. Gives me hope that I’ll one day have an impressive collection (impressive looking at least…I’d prefer to own art I love rather than because it might be worth something to someone else someday).

  2. This is so great, what a nice story –

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