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March 26, 2009 – A few posts ago I wrote about Herb and Dorothy and their collecting strategy of buying art that they loved. Here is an artist I love. Her name is Genevieve Jodouin. She is a TO artist whose prints are graphically interesting as well as holding that “sigh” sweetness. Her images are based on the best part of being in love – the fact that doing nothing together is everything. Genevieve’s “Moments to Carry” folio embraces that notion of togetherness through nothingness; that hanging out with your favorite person doing simple things or nothing at all can create a connection.

The folio, Moments to Carry, is a collection of eight 5″ x 7″ screenprints printed in a limited edition of 100 at Atelier Imago in Monton, NB and Open Studio in Toronto, ON. The set is package in a paper portfolio with a screenprinted cover.

folio-moments-to-carry1 folio-moments-to-carry2


This is an awesome anniversary gift, wedding gift, new house gift. And the colours!! I think framed in simple white frames with white matting and grouped together, these would be so gorgeous. My posting of the images does not do them justice. Come see them in person. 

Note: Love, Me only has 5 folios. They are $160. That is $20 a print!


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