Colourful & Cunning

April 1, 2009 – This past Monday I did something I never do. After working and running errands, I threw myself onto my sofa and watched a movie – in the middle of day! It was raining and I was feeling tired and unmotivated to anything but loaf. I dug through my small but trusty treasure trove of favorite movies and pulled out Heathers.


Heathers is the epitome of the highschool “teen” flicks and is circa 1989. It is insightful and funny. And the fashion was so great! I love the bold colour blocking beginning with the opaque bright tights.

Which leads me to announce the arrival of some We3 bamboo film tops in bright berry blue and bright raspberry. These tops are so amazingly flattering and feel like butta. We3 is a three gal (like the Heathers…but much nicer) sustainable fashion outfit out of Vancouver. Come on in and try on the tops for yourselves.



And then go rent Heathers. I mean really…its so Very. Heathers fans… a little birdie told me that there is a Heathers musical in the works!!

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