April 17, 2009 – I am trapped. And I like it. Ok enough with the dumb puns. Yesterday I unwrapped a lovely box of goods from Trapper Jane Clothing. TJC is from Victoria and is made by Meaghan Smith (No not the singer). When I work with artists to bring in a line, I don’t always have the luxury of seeing it first hand and have to rely on customer or the designer’s descriptions and pictures. This is the case with Trapper Jane. And so little squeals of delight emitted from my lips when I opened the box and saw the simple feminine lines and the gorgeous contruction of Trapper Jane Clothing. I fell hard for her tea dress and her highwaisted pleated skirt. Like I said – I am trapped and I like it. But seriously…how could you not be?? Oh! Look at that denim tunic!






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