April 19, 2009 – April 22nd is Earth Day. It is totally on purpose that Love, Me Ts Event is being showcased this week. So way back in the chilly days of February, Love, Me offered to its customers the opportunity to bring in an unworn tshirt to have it transformed by one of four local designers. Shirts of all kinds came to our shop – the too small, the too big, the stained, the “boring”, the “busy”.  And this week, the renovated & revamped shirts are on display at Love, Me Boutique. Did you miss out on this Ts Event?? Well lucky for you, we had one of the shop’s super awesome “Make Art” shop tees transformed by artist/designer Angela Melanson. And did she! She made the rockinest supercoolest belt!


Because this belt doesn’t have an owner to go home to, this belt is up for auction. The money raised goes into our Love, Me collection (which we pass along to another organization which helps get art into schools and an emerging artist fund). So come in – check out the end results of this awesome Ts Event and bid on the belt so you can have the coolest belt ever.


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