Green Day

April 22, 2009 – Happy Earth Day! Whoa – the whole “Green” thing has exploded lately. As a whole I think it is great. I do fear that the idea is being trendisized (Yes, I just made up that ridiculous word). And if trends come and go, I worry that the trendy idea of being “green” will fall by the wayside too. Or, as with many trends, that people will follow or act “green” without asking themselves what it all means.

When I was in highschool, (too many moons ago to mention) Earth Day was the day the environmental club would comb our school grounds for litter or plant a tree in our school yard and hold our “Recycling 101” workshops. All of us involved in “green” movements were super committed and passionate but quite small in numbers. Today “Green” is so huge and super-hyped. Everyone is talking about it (and in many cases, spinning it). It is my hope that this environmental awareness and momentum finds its groove and becomes less of a “trend” and more of a way of life.

Love, Me often gets plugged as an environmental store. Which I totally dig. Because to me the environmental movement includes the arts and small makers. Even if everything in here isn’t made of sustainable or recycled raw goods, I consider it environmental because it isn’t mass manufactured and overly packaged. That all being said, I definately think that today I would like to highlight some of the “recycled” products in my store that rarely get props.

Five Surprises – You might be suprised to know that Love, Me sells shoes that are handmade here in Halifax. Five Surprises shoes are made using upcycled fabric and bicycle tires for the soles.

m1  m2

Tacha Reed – This diverse Halifax artist works in a variety of artistic disciplines but it was her menagerie of stuffed animals/creatures that won my heart. Her bears, foxes, owls and pussycats are all  made from sweaters.

il_430xn_644856951  il_430xn_459322961

But the list does not stop there. Love, Me is your headquarters for all things awesomely green – bikinis (Deux FM) and cuffs (Lala & Gleen and Sech Designs) made from fabric scraps, reknitted wool sweater gauntlet gloves from Shooting Star Knitting Co., upcycled china from Kyla Francis, refashioned vintage jewellery from Buenostyle, sea pottery and sea glass jewellery, natural soaps,  plus piles of clothing made with bamboos, Lyocell, and gorgeous organic cottons.


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