So Lucky

May 2, 2009 – It has been busy around here. We dismantled our tshirt event and put up a new show. First…check out some of the before and after pics of the tshirt event on our EVENTS page. Second come down to the shop and pic up some great (& affordable) reproductions of the joyful work of Jennifer Jackson Maynard (aka Lucky Jackson) of Peterborough, ON.

I fell in love with her work the moment I saw it. I have a crush on embroidery so it is only natural that I would be drawn to Lucky J. Her work is so gorgeously textured with embroidery, vintage floral fabrics, and wood grain. And the images themselves are heartbreakingly nostalgic and sweet – an elderly couple wading together, a young couple laying on their backs (perhaps dreaming of their next adventure), as well as lots of hugging, peeking, sleeping, and dancing. 

And while we do have an amazing original embroidery picture, “Twirling” gracing our walls, there are many great reproduction prints available so that you can add a little Lucky Jackson goodness to your homestead with out breaking the bank.

wading  daydreaming  lovers



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