Summer (Wedding) Accessorizing

May 12, 2009 – I had my hand (verbally) slapped the other day by regular readers of this blog. I am not blogging enough. I know. I know. It has been busy here. All boring business stuff really. Plus on the home front I have a zillion and one things going on. I am preparing for some big weddings and thus preparing wedding gifts (handmade!), the travel plans and the outfits. We will skip over discussing the gifts because it involves talking about my anxieties about giving someone my art (which is why I am a better seller of other people’s work than my own). We will skip talking about travel plans because frankly, little has been done in that area except making one killer of a snack mix for our travels. But we can most definately talk about my outfit. So I have a deux fm bamboo black cocktail dress ready to go for the wedding in two weeks. (Note to self: must shorten straps) I have the amazing vintage embroidered cardigan for the church “coverup”. Now the jewellery…

While in the middle of the administrative craziness, I never got a chance to sing the praises of one of our newest “joiners” to Love, Me…Tamara Bavdek (aka This Ilk). She makes the prettiest necklaces and earrings out of lace. Oooh la la!  And while I do enjoy things a wee bit over the top, I am a practical girl at heart. This Ilk is the perfect balance: fabulous statements while remaining light weight (read: not pulling on my tender lobes). I also enjoy that this line can be “fancy” or thrown on with jeans and a slouchy top.  Her work is very pop era / 60’s inspired. (In fact her packaging utilizes Warhol-esque images of other designer friends as her “models”.) Here is what the magazine LouLou had to say.

il_155x125_55685508 il_155x125_56289708 

il_155x125_63695126 il_155x125_63353434

Another jewellery line that I am loving is Cotton Candy Cupcake (Rita Van Tassel, Halifax). Her silk & satin or leather earrings won’t be in the running for the wedding outfit but will be a definate in the suitcase for the rehearsal BBQ party and bar hop! Again, light weight but bold eye (or ear??) candy. These pieces would rock that boho summer look all the magazines are talking about (maxi dress and low sandles and flowy hair…you know…) but also make the summer on the patio jeans, tee, and flops look super sexy.  

il_155x125_67518280 il_155x125_67518720

il_155x125_67519195 il_155x125_68087063

And then how do I love my Buenostyle? Let me count the ways. My key and mini heart locket necklace could possibly be the wedding dress jewellery alternative. Or some Sea Glass Designs? Are you summer accessorized?? You best come in and get yourself some key summer party pieces.

Ok readers… I will practice more blogging regularity. But keep in mind the wedding out of townage coming up and be prepared to cut me some blogging slack.


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  1. Wow…I absolutely love love love the lace earrings and necklaces! Looks like I’ll have to pop in for a shopping visit very soon. Oh, and thanks for the blog update! I didn’t mean to verbally slap your hand the other day…I completely understand all about being busy. A little light hearted teasing never hurt anyone, right? And really , who am I to scold you for not blogging enough?! I think that I win the award for “Worlds Worst Blogger”!!

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