June 2, 2009 – I am back at the shop after a week travelling for my brother’s wedding in Cape Cod. I am behind in my to-do list already! But really happy to have a chance to hang out with my family and see a part of the US that I hadn’t really had a chance to explore. On our way down we did make a special stop in Boston to check out Shepard Fairey’s solo show at the ICA. If any of you are going this way this summer…go see this show. It is so great.

fairey2 fairey3

Shepard Fairey began his career with a guerilla art sticker campaign based on Andre the Giant as well as making simple cardboard stencils and spraypainting these images around his city under the cloak of darkness. Influenced by skate and underground music culture, Fairey’s graffiti style art has lots of great pop. And his contemporary politics images are so powerful. You are probably more familiar with Shepard Fairey than you think. Fairey is responsible for the red, white, and blue image of Obama “Hope” and “Change” which morphed into an avatar circulating around on Facebook where you could make yourself a Fairey/Obama face.  

fairey5fairey1 fairey4 

Fairey was also in the film Beautiful Losers which I am so keen to see.

More on Shepard Fairey from the NY Times and the ICA Boston.


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  1. Shepard’s work is absolutely amazing

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