June 4, 2009 – I am not one of those ladies who uses a different bag everyday depending on her outfit. I am just not that organized. I have a kid and a business and hectic mornings. I am lucky if I can get E to daycare without any major upsets like forgetting her shoes. (Yes we have put her in the car with her slippers on. Thankfully we realized it in time to run back in and get her shoes.) I bring this all up because I want to talk about my everyday bag.

For the past few years, I have used the same fabric, double handled, over the shoulder, gym bag sized “everyday bag”. I had spilled my tea on it, dripped my lunch in it, and stuffed it full of crap. I soon realized by shoulders and back were killing me and I was a bit embarrassed of my stained and ripped “purse”. 

So I had a new quest – a “purse” that I could wear out to dinner, go for day adventures with the family with, and use everyday to and from work…that was smaller than the old gym bag but still held a book, a notebook, my mini “essentials” bag (floss card, mirror, mini comb, bandaids, chapstick, emergency feminine products, mints and small bottle of cream), my camera, my waterbottle, plus the necessary keys, sunglasses, wallet combo that could be worn across my shoulders or on one shoulder and would stay relatively nice looking regardless of my tendancy to spill liquids. Tall order! Enter Astrosatchel – the Downtown Tote.


My beautiful Downtown Tote got its first spin in the world on our trip to Cape Cod. It spun around Portland, the Boston ICA, Falmouth, Provincetown, Bangor, plus a multitude of in and outs in the car. It got to attend a wedding (filled with a couple kids books and loads of tissue) and then carried home all the wedding goodies like woopie pies and treats from the candy bar. I mean really, if your bag can’t hold woopie pies and candy – what use is it???

Back at my daily routine, I am glad to be rid of the old stained oversized arm weight. I admit whole heartedly, I enjoyed the praise of behalf of the bag: “great bag” “cool bag”. And not once has my sweet new bag puffed out vainly at the compliments thrown its way but instead plays the part of a trusty and loyal carry-all with just the right amount of cool sass.

Post note: I can’t be the only one whose bag needs an overhaul. Come on in to Love, Me to check out some Astrosatchel goodies. While I enjoy the Downtown Bag, you might be more of a Medium Tote gal or need a small but organized AND adorable clutch to keep the essentials close at hand (in your massive gym bag purse).

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2 responses to “Baggage

  1. april

    I’ve been looking at this bag for ages, but I haven’t been able to see it in person.
    Do you find the snap closure works well?
    Is the strap comfortable and is it long enough to wear cross-body?
    Is the stitching blue on blue?

  2. lovemeboutique

    Hi April. Snap works. Strap comfy and long enough. Stitching is a blue on blue. Come visit the bag….you know you want to.


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