Lovely Lomo

June 13, 2009 – Last night was the vernissage for “Moving Pictures”, the newest exhibition/sale at Love, Me. Moving Pictures is a collection of six lomo photographs by Shannon Webb-Campbell. These whimsical and lovely photographs were taken using two different types of lomo cameras. Before this exhibition, I had only heard of lomo photography. And while I am by no means fulling understanding the world of lomography, here is what I know so far:

– Lomo photography is a way to create/duplicate those happy accidents that can occur in (non-pro) simple film photography: light leaks, fuzziness, non-centred subject matter, etc.

– Lomo photography is achieved by lomo cameras. (These were described to me by Shannon as toy cameras. One of Shannon’s guests brought one to the opening and I got to see it first hand. It is small and light – like a toy camera!)

– Lomo cameras come in “effects” – fish eye lens for example.

– Lomo cameras are still not “exact”. You don’t know the result until you develop the film – making lomo photograph a fun experiment in photography!

Check out these examples of lomography from

lomo1  lomo2 lomo3

(all photos taken from this site where lomographers post their work)

And so now that we got the lomographic basics down…let’s talk about Shannon Webb-Campbell. Some of you may recognize her name from The Chart, The Coast as well as other publications as she is a writer & journalist. (She has a lovely blog where she writes about her life in our fair city.) Moving Pictures is her premiere exhibition and Love, Me is so honoured to host. I love SWC to bits! She is bright and full of life and that is evident in her photography.

During her Moving Pictures exhibition/sale, Shannon is featuring her European Souvenir Photo Project. In the fall, Shannon will embark on a solo adventure to Europe. The photo project will give you, the audience, a chance to had a photographic souvenir created for you by Shannon while she is away. When you sign up to participate (at Love, Me), you answer 3 questions which will help guide Shannon in her task to take a souvenir photograph especially for you. While she is away she will post and blog about this project as well as her adventures. And when she returns, your photograph will be available at Love, Me to pick up. Whoa! A personalize work of art for only $35!

Come check out the show and learn more about the project at Love, Me.

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