Where Have All the (Crafty) Men Gone?

June 27, 2009 – To my dismay my husband is no longer a knitter. As a child however, he was taught to knit in his daycare/preschool program. And while I meet the occassional man in my shop who is a “maker” of goods, those occassions are rare. Unintentionally most of the goods at Love, Me are made by women. That is definately the case with our jewellery. Until recently…. Meet Matt from PEI (aka Overman). Matt works with cool old watch parts to create unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery.


Overman’s oeuvre consists of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, hair clips, and cufflinks. Yes cufflinks! So now not only do we have a man jeweller but jewellery for a man.

 4531_86926099819_44189914819_1734120_7562192_s 4340_86084579819_44189914819_1724165_4632488_s 4340_86084664819_44189914819_1724166_7349432_s

Post Note: While skimming through the Overman Facebook page to snag some images, I found a note that Overman Jewellery is featured in the show Profile PEI. I am expecting a sort of (now defunct) Living Halifax type show. To my surprise I realize it is a mockudrama similar to Trailer Park Boys. If you like that kind of humour check it out. I personally found the character Johnny Larter pathetically loveable. And yes Kelsey (or is it Kelly?) wears the super long Overman earrings which look fantastic.


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  1. hey chara – these are all good buddies of mine! Jeremy is especially brilliant…..Kelly and her husband (in real life) own a great store in Charlottetown: The Green Man Vintage and Vinyl – if you are ever there, you should check it out!

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