Haramaki Love

July 9, 2009 – Feeling crampy and bloated? Digestive issues? Pregnant? Maybe you are just feeling a bit uncovered by the shorty tshirt you pulled to wear today? Join me in giving the Haramaki Love some Love, Me love.

Haramaki Love is company which produces Japanese-inspired belly bands (known as haramaki) made in Montreal by Julia Aynsley. The word haramaki translates to roll (maki) for the centre of the body (hara).


These bands are not only cute and help extend your wardrobe but have loads of health benefits including improved circulation (b/c it keeps your core warm), helps digestion, eases menstrual cramps and supports your kidneys and liver. In Eastern medicine, the kidneys are the cornerstone to good health. The haramakis are traditionally used to create warmth & support stimulating good core organ (kidney, liver, stomach) health.


The haramakis are also great for pregnant women as well – keeping your tummy warm and swaddled as well as extending the “normal” wardrobe into maternity wear. And postpartum, these belly bands are super for keeping mom’s tummy warm and reducing the bare skin factor of nursing.


Haramakis can be worn completely under clothing (hidden benefit – you reach up at work to grab the coffee cup on the top shelf and no side skin show! Also great in a yoga stretching scenario.) or on top of clothing. Either way – beneficial and cute!

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Come on in to Love, Me and invest in your health (and wardrobe) and pick yourself up a haramaki from Haramaki Love.

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