July 18, 2009 – I will try not to make this post a “Boo-hoo. Where is our &*&^% summer?” I will try to focus on the fact that our spring was gorgeous and that we have had some great days here and there and if nothing else this rainy, foggy weather might encourage some indoor crafty goodness for some of you all.

I have decided that the adorable silver cloud, raindrop and bird necklaces and stud earrings by Love, Me new comer Simone Richmond from Vancouver, is THE halifax summer ’09 jewellery.

cloud necklace


So what are your summer plans? Going anywhere? Doing any visiting? I want to remind you that Love, Me is stocked with some goodies for you to bring as a Thank You. (I am a believer in good manners such as these.) Here are some quick suggestions – a locally made & lovely looking soap (Uptown Tub has some scents like cut grass, fresh linen, cucumber…), some local music (We carry a bunch – Christina Martin, Tanya Davis, Mary Stewart, David Bradshaw…), or the hilarious “martime” themed teatowels by Besoke Uprising – they have images of all things maritime like rubber boots, donair, and granite brew!



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2 responses to “Summer

  1. L-A

    I love that the umbrella on the bespoke uprising looks like it’s a little bit broken. Because every umbrella I’ve ever owned in this city has met with an untimely end thanks to the wind.

    Also: I’m in love with that cloud necklace. It’s so pretty!

  2. Love, Me Boutique

    So true (about the umbrella situation). Oh Halifax – I love you but sometimes you make it hard with all your weather “issues”. And yes Simone’s sweet jewellery is def love worthy.

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