Looking Forward & Yarn Bombing

July 22, 2009 – I am thinking ahead to fall. NO – not because I want summer to end. But because as a business I have to do some planning and lately that planning involves fall merchandise and activities. In October Love, Me will be celebrating our 2 year birthday! In October we will be starting back up our workshop series. We will also be participating in Nocturne again this year. (If you didn’t go last year, make a point of going this year. It is a beautiful evening where the city is alive and there is tonnes of great art and activity to see.) All this planning has lead me to think about things that were on my “to-do” list that I have yet to tackle. One of those projects is to create a cozy or sweater or wrap for the tree outside my shop. It is full and green during spring and summer. But during the fall and winter months, it just looks so sad. Plus I love yarn bombing projects…

So…any knitters out there? Want to participate in making some squares of any colour, any size which can be attached to make one big wrap for my tree? I would love to wrap the tree the night of Nocturne – October 17th. So we would need the squares or bits by the beginning of October. This is a great way for knitters to participate in a yarn bombing and Nocturne. Whose with me?

Here’s a wee bit of inspiration:



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3 responses to “Looking Forward & Yarn Bombing

  1. Lisa Y

    Oh yes please! Count me IN !!! I’m a huge fan of the London yarnstormers and was thinking of doing some on the stealth my own self! Next time I’m by your shop, I’ll eye up the width of the tree trunk.

  2. Thanks very much for linking to us.

    Knit the City x

  3. Hi Chara. Great project. What size squares are you hoping for? I’m a newbie knitter…but, squares I can do! Sounds like fun.

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