Summer Cheer

July 28, 2009 – I am trying to let go of my Canada Post bitterness (I feel I got royally ripped off) and turn my frown upside down. I am going to focus on the positive. Firstly, the sun is peaking out. Second, I have some yogurt and fresh local berries waiting for me to finish this post. Third, the shop is full of some fun new arrivals. For you fashionistas out there, we have what I think is the sexiest little dress ever. It is so easy peasy to wear and is supa comfy (bamboo and organic cotton). I think Deux FM (maker of said dress) hit the nail on the head with this one. It is a great beach/pool coverup and is the answer to what should I wear to that pool party or what should I pack to go on my sexy beach honeymoon? This dress is hot hot hot! But throw on leggings and a skinny tank and flats and any over 20-something would also feel comfy in this on a Saturday about town. And extra plus – this would be super sexy on a pregnant tummy. Just sayin’.

Vienna front

Not feeling the super sexy summer vibe yet? We are also stocked in some great tshirts by Deux FM, One Life Surf School, and Kat Miller. All kinds of prints. All kinds of cute.

capetown colors


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4 responses to “Summer Cheer

  1. what happened with Canada Post?
    I feel that they are so expensive, and with the boom in online shopping, i don’t see how they can be whinging about needing to raise prices all the time!

    • lovemeboutique

      I sent something within NS – about a hour and a half away and it cost me more in postage than it would on gas. I was recently sent something from Boston. It was post marked with a $1.70 . I returned the item (same item in the same flat 8X10 envelope) and it cost me $6 and change. We have had the same experience with computer software from Ottawa at around $8 and the $8 to send a flat envelope expresspost! We have a friend who EBay sells and says depending on the depot where you send things – postage can differ for the same item!!! It makes me so mad that we have little to no other option and I feel like I am at their mercy.

  2. OUUU the dress looks FAB!!! I am SO over there 🙂
    that sucks about Canada Post- I hate mailing stuff and I’m really bad at remembering to send stuff to my parents and/or friends… lol. BOO Canada Post!

    ps- I just got some new soap from Birch Bark while visiting her lovely home in Yarmouth- she makes a tea tree oil soap that might be better for my skin!! Also, she makes CHOCOLATE soap… and it smells YUMMY….. 🙂

  3. ugh, I hear your Canada post pain! my American customers seem to think I’m ripping them off with my shipping costs, I am constantly explaining that CP is expensive!

    we could start a renegade postal service!

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