Stuff vs. Treasures

August 13, 2009 – While some Haligonians are off experiencing H&M Madness (yes, Halifax’s first H&M shop is opening today), I am thinking about “stuff”. I once went into an H&M after reading and hearing the bounty of cuteness that was to exist within its walls. I made my way through a crowded Eaton Centre to said shop and turned around 10 minutes later. Really? This was what the fuss was all about? There were racks of generic looking “stuff” shoved on racks, sad plastic jewellery cases and product strewn all over the floor.

Where I am going with this??? I guess hype like this (over mass generic stuff) makes me think about the stuff we live with and bring into our lives and give to others. I am not so naive as to think that we need to be so intense and conscious of every single thing we buy, but it makes me sad when I think of how we (myself included) have sucumb to the cheap deals or quick fix purchases as opposed to the pitter patter “I just can’t leave this behind” joyful treat scenarios. In my shop I am fortunate enough to see the joyful excitement purchases that I suppose I wish that for all of us as a more often than not. 

I think specifically of a customer this weekend whose face lit up when she was talking about a ring of hers that I commented on. She told me the story – of the ring, of the jeweller, and of how she came to acquire it. She went through Love, Me a couple of times and while she “loved everything”, she picked a few treasures to take with her. I think of an artist I met with this morning whose life is blossoming in many ways all because of her discovering the artist within herself. It gives me such joy to meet the makers of treasures, to then share their stories, and finally to see someone fall hard for the item just as I did.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone here. I admit now that I am coming from a place of being given lots of “stuff” by a few people in my life and me having to refunnel it out again. And perhaps that makes me weary. (Just dropped off many boxes at the Salvation Army.) There is a quote out there about not bringing anything into your life that isn’t functional or beautiful and I suppose this is what I am aspiring to do in both the store and in my personal life.

Anyway…just some thoughts for the day…

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  1. I hear ya and You’re speaking my language !!!!!

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