Home is Where the Art Is

August 15, 2009 – I hope I didn’t come off as too preachy there in my last blog post. I think the gist of what I was trying to say is “surround yourself with things you absolutely love” or something along those lines.

Have you heard this / read this – Home is where the art is. I love that! It is so me. It is so my store.

And there is so much great art out there – either already in existance or inside of us ready to be created. 

Our shop is full of diverse and lovely art – some soon to leave us, some soon to join us, other pieces which just arrived. And it all vastly different. Some of my favorite art purchases at Love, Me have been the woman who bought a small Lori Joy Smith work as a 1st birthday gift for a child (Great idea – start a kid off with an art collection!! Also see mini parent and tot folk paintings by Shelagh Duffett.),  the aunt who bought a work by her niece through our shop b/c she knew her niece would just “give it to her” and she wanted her niece to value what she produces, and a visiting couple who had purchased a new home and wanted a work that could hang on their bare walls that reminded them of their trip to Halifax. And this morning, a gentleman purchased one of Shannon Webb-Campbell’s Souvenir Photo Projects on behalf of his mom as a Christmas gift.

I love that the shop has low cost reproductions and prints to help bring art to someone’s life without breaking the bank. I love when couples fall in love with a work, leave, then come back excited to take that work home. I love that artists get genuinely excited when their work sells.

I am loving the mini floral works by Lynn Rotin in our shop right now. They are delightfully colourful and textured and so petite they could fit in anywhere. I am thinking perhaps my kitchen?? And then there is Zach Gough. His pen and ink portraits stopped me on way to the shop after running a few errands. These portraits are quirky and colourful and full of movement. And how much do I love Genevieve Jodouin’s gorgeous folio of 8 small silkscreened “love”ly prints??? SO MUCH!! Shannon Webb-Campbell’s show comes down at the end of this month  (Have you not come in to check out this lomo photographic show??) as do the fab paintings of Aaron LaShomb at the end of September.

If your in the need/want/desire for new art – keep Love, Me on your radar. For more expensive works we have try and buy programs. At least come in for a chat.

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