Fancy Party Hair Accessories

August 25, 2009 – Ever since my brother’s wedding at the end of May, my daughter is obsessed with weddings (any fancy party really) and dressing for the occassion. The days I wear a dress, I am acceptable to go to her (imaginary) parties. She loves when I “girl” my get-up with jewellery or hair accessories.

Lately we have had two designers in our store supply us with “girly” hair accessories. (Both of these lines would be stunning for wedding hair, BTW. Anyone getting married??)

One line is by milliner Thea Crawford of Leave Your Hat On. Her hairbands are clear (read: less distracting) and adorned with small flowers and feathers. Her flower and feather combs are a smaller, more manageable, and a less birdie version of Carrie’s colourful bird hairpiece in the Sex in the City movie.

The Bridget Turner line is for a more tropical gal. Her orchid clips and picks are so beautiful. I love the little silver stamens she creates and added to the flowers. Truely one-of-a-kind!

What I like about both lines is their “wear again” abilities. The orchid picks would be great with a sundress or tropical outfit and the feather and flower combs would be lovely for a cocktail dress kind of night on the town. And because we have no images for you…you are just going to have to come check them out for yourself!

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