“Ooey Gooeys” – its a good thing.

September 1, 2009 – The first artist I remember getting the “ooey gooeys” for is Marc Chagall. I discovered him in highschool. I finally saw some work in person during my backpack through Europe trip in my mid twenties. I went to a museum featuring his work in Nice, France. I came out and sat down on slab of grass and became very emotional. It might have been an overreaction due to too little sleep and too little food – or – it could have been a genuine overwhelmedness to his art.

I heard of Ambera Wellmann before I saw her work. A friend had mentioned a recent Ambera purchase and then directed me to her site. “Check her out.” I was gob-smacked. I got the “ooey gooeys”. I wrote to her about doing a show half expecting her to say that she was represented by such and such gallery and that an exhibition wouldn’t be possible. Instead she said YES!! And now – she is here on our walls!!

Ambera’s style is romantic and haunting and dreamy. Her oil painting technique is exquisite and reminiscent of some of the romantic painters of the late 1700’s like Friedrich, Turner, and Constable.

ambera 8 ambera2 ambera12

Her work really needs to be seen in person. These pictures do not do justice to the layering, the colouring, and the movement of her paintings. If you love art you need to ssee this show. If you collect art and you love these as much as I, you need an Ambera. I think she is one to watch.




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2 responses to ““Ooey Gooeys” – its a good thing.

  1. These paintings are beautiful!! I would love to come see them in person soon…

  2. i love Ambera’s work…. I was lucky enough to have taken a couple lessons with her, she’s very sweet and SO unbelievably talented!

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