September 4, 2009 – Today is Eat Atlantic Day. Did you know that?? I am doing not too bad with some locally made muffins, some local produce and tonight’s menu is going to be a pasta dish (pasta which is not local – fail) with local tomatoes, basil and portobella mushrooms. Obviously my store is all about local even though Canada is our boundary. What I rarely feature or talk of is our selection of local musical selections. True you can pick up CD’s at concerts but if you are like me, you are going out as much as you used to (read: more obligations not a lack of desire). But now if you hear a tune at Love, Me or on CBC or wherever you can now pick up some local favorites. (Kev Corbett just dropped of CD’s – yah! – and that is what spurned this discussion. So tonight after the local supper is eaten, the dishes are done and the kidlets/pets/parents are put to bed, check out some of these sweet local treats:

We also have been known to carry Gypsophilia but are out currently. Watch for the return.

Happy listening everyone.


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2 responses to “Localness

  1. That’s so fun, I like to eat anythings. Please, invite me to join 🙂

  2. Robyn

    Hey, did you know that David Bradshaw’s “No Place” is nominated for Music Nova Scotia Folk Recording of the Year?

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